Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diane Leonard Painting Children

I love to paint children -- they bring joy to my life and to my work.  Creating that magical moment when a child has joy on their face is the key ingredient!  
This little girl has been posing for me since her mother was pregnant with her!!!!  She is such a sweetheart, and I love my time with her and painting her beautiful and innocent face.  I take a lot of photos and use different angles until I find the “look” I am going after.
We used “The Magic Hat” -- it brings a glow behind her.  It is an antique hat that I have told all of my models is magical and you get a wish when you wear it!  All of the children love this hat and it definitely has been worn a lot!
This painting, entitled, “Little Flower Girl”, 20 x 16, Oil on Ampersand Board, has been shown in five U.S. national juried exhibitions, and also won Second Place in the Louisiana River Show this past year.  I love this painting.  It is now being shown at The Hearle Gallery in Chatham, Massachusetts.
"Little Flower Girl" 20 x 16
Oil on Board

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