Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sophie Ponders Another Valentine's Day - a contemporary figurative oil painting by Joanie Springer

6 in x 6 in, oil on cradled wood panel, sides painted black, ready to hang.
Price: $65 with FREE U.S shipping

Another one of these faces that just come through!

I've decided to add a bit more info about what pigments I'm working with, and support information.

I worked with a limited palette here: let's see, raw umber, sap green, cerulean blue, white, my new quin red and a wee bit of primary yellow light. I think that's it. I discovered the other day, while ordering new paints online that a naples yellow could be mixed with raw umber, cad red, cad yellow, white. So I tried my own version since i wanted most of the colors in this painting to be pretty muted or desaturated, starting with her skin tone. I'm working on eliminating the cadmium red and yellow when i run out, and in anticipation, I'm trying out Grumbacher Red (Napthol) as a potential replacement for Cad red, and Primary Yellow Light to replace cadmium yellow. I'll let you know how it goes. Yes, they mix differently, so it will take some practice, but so far I am encouraged. I use watersoluble oils exclusively.

Here's the link to my brand new ART TIP: Why I Use Watersoluble Oils info.

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Blessings! Joanie

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