Wednesday, October 30, 2013

“Is This to Make a Fool of Me?” Original oil painting of a woman with a fool’s hat on - mostly in purple and green, Painting by Artist Linda Dalton Walker, 24” x 17.5”, Oil on board.

Linda Dalton Walker Contemporary Artist, Original Oil painting of a woman with a fool’s hat on.  The painting is mostly in purple with greens. The image deals with some of the “foolish” stories that have been told about Mary Magdalene. “Is This to Make a Fool of Me?”, Oil on board, 24” x 17.5”, $500.00 

1919 Monica Furlong about Biblical women

“We are bombarded with the sensible and the loony,
The original and the stale,
The orthodox and the heretical.”

Some of the stories about Mary Magdalene are
Just plain foolish.

The new myth of Mary Magdalene should be one of independence,
Courage, action, and faith.

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