Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Painting for You

Wrap yourself in gentle arms -- arms of strength and love -- let those arms be your guidance -- think of it this way -- what if this was your last painting in your life -- what would you want it to be -- Michelangelo had a cot beside some of his unfinished sculptures -- I love the roughness of them -- and he would find some strength each day to get up and work on them -- yet, truly, he was already sculpting them from the cot.  I wonder what was that last chisel into the marble  that he put on his sculpture ......
I always put my paintings on the floor in front of my love seat and look at them in different light and I study them -- and then I paint them in my mind -- long before I paint them on the easel -- and that is how I finish a painting -- I feel it -- if I am working from photos, I take them down and just let the painting finish itself.
That last stroke -- that finishing piece -- that one last item that says “it’s done now” -- 

Here’s to those paintings -- the ones that we came here to paint!

"Low Tide"
36 x 30 Oil on Board

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