Thursday, July 8, 2010


Watching Gregory Hines dance is so amazing -- his talent transcended dancing -- and it was a specialty -- tap dancing.  He had to overcome a lot of prejudice to find his way into Hollywood and into our hearts -- and that he did!  His feet moved and created their own music with his taps!
In art, there are so many specialties that we can choose from.  And when we find our way of making art, it becomes our specialty.  Today, promise yourself to try something new in art -- a new color, a new technique or even a new medium.  And, in life, do something new for yourself -- walk backwards, hug a tree -- hug your neighbor -- be outrageous and find that music in your feet that makes you dance.
In the movie, “The Cotton Club”, you see some of the most amazing performances of song and dance -- can you tell that I love movies?  Life is a movie -- are you winning an Oscar?
"Monday Afternoon"
9 x 12 Oil on Board

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